A young ski club whose mission is not only to create cross-country and biathlon champions but to bring many young people from Val Chisone closer to the practice of these spectacular sports, creating a close-knit group that acquires important technical, physical and moral qualities.

Good luck to this new team.

Gino PeyrotCompetitive and technical direction
The manager of the competitive and technical direction is Gino Peyrot, formerly in charge of the Regional Cross Country Team of the Western Alps and cross country judge.
Arianna Ribet Secretary
After quitting the competitive activity, she agreed to participate in this new adventure as the club secretary.

Francesco Ottino Head of the fund sector
Francesco Ottino has been appointed head of the cross-country skiing sector, ski instructor since October 2010 and II level coach of the STF since April 2012.
Elisa TrevesResponsabile del settore Biathlon
The head of the Biathlon sector is Elisa Treves. Cross-country ski instructor (since 2012) and second-level cross-country ski trainer (since 2017)
Davide BocchettoSki instructor
Antonella ChiaviaSki instructor
Alessandro PerronSki instructor
Giulia MiorelliSki instructor
Mattia Peyrot companion
Stefano Menusan companion